“A Broad Spectrum”

Commentary and satire from a broad range of experience and knowledge

The name “Broad Spectrum” is a reference to the author’s wide spectrum of experience, education, and knowledge. It is also a reference to the electromagnetic spectrum. In pursuit of his first graduate degree, Master of Science in Telecommunication Management, the author fell in love with this basic scientific engineering component behind the electronic delivery of entertainment and information.
A brief background about the station manager/owner/creator follows, broken into the four categories where commentary and satire are found.

“Doc” Dad’s Wisdom

The author’s medical experience includes EMT, Hospital Corpsman, and Neuro-Psychiatric Technician certifications. He worked at the largest Psychiatric care facility in the armed forces, including tours on the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit. He was chosen to schedule and manage 60 plus NP Techs covering four busy psychiatric units. As a college chief administrator the author launched and/or managed B.S. Nursing, Dental Hygienist, Mortuary Science, Paramedic/EMT, Medical Assisting, and H.I.T. degree programs and more. He helped lead and guide numerous allied health programs through college and programmatic accreditation. Educating and healing minds & bodies all his career, he is now “Doc” Dad to six kids.

Education Industry Insight

The author started his higher education career as a full-time college professor, advancing through positions as department chair, school dean, chief academic officer (VP & SVP), college president (& executive campus director). His academic administration and teaching experience spans three decades and includes state University, private for profit (privately held & publicly traded), and private non-profit. He recently obtained a public school teaching certification and taught 3rd grade and middle school math, science, and social studies. He serves on the Board of Directors for a publicly funded alternative high school in Gainesville, Florida. Here the author shares some opinions about the education industry.

Media Business Analysis

The author designed, launched, taught, and managed college degree programs in Telecommunication (video/voice/data), Media Business, Web Design, Web Marketing, Advertising, Music & Video Business, Broadcasting, and numerous other design and production areas. A number of the degree programs he developed launched all across the country at Art Institutes. He worked in video production, and was a partner in a band booking agency and recording studio in Fort Lauderdale. He was hired by James Madison University to design and teach a new degree program in Telecommunication. He has published research papers in three peer-reviewed journals, spoken on the radio, and presented at many conferences. He also holds an M.B.A. Here the author shares some opinions about the changing media landscape. He labels himself the “Jursassic Media Professor.”

The Drill Sergeant Speaks

The author is a 10 year U.S. veteran, father of six, published author, small business owner, actor, web designer/programmer, corporate executive, college administrator, network technician, martial artist, certified teacher, EMT, and more. His father was a tough WWII 3rd Division US Marine, Iwo Jima battle vet, and Chicago trial attorney. “I’ve done some shit and seen some shit. I have some strong opinions and I’m not pulling any punches.” Caution: PG-13.