Is Donna Duntsinger and her latest dumped boy toy real or fake news? Is Betty Brazier and her recent boob job real or fake news? Is Billy the baseball jock’s triple play in the big game real or fake news?

We consider sordid tales and insipid sports stories news just as warfare and welfare reports.

When the pentagon uses terminology like “collateral damage” instead of men, women and children killed, is that fake or real news? When statistics are purposefully manipulated to reach a desired conclusion to bolster an argument, gain funding, or buy votes, is that fake or real news? When media reports only the good results of a particular program, but catastrophes are avoided, is that fake or real news? When opinion pollsters write questions in order to arrive at the desired conclusion is that fake or real news?

Winston Churchill stated, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

The American empire is embroiled in continuous foreign wars for 17 years running. The intelligence-warfare industries garner an outrageous proportion of the empires borrowed treasure, by the trillions. Yes, borrowed. The Fed Gov cannot collect enough taxes to pay for all of it, so they call digital dollars into existence from the ether, and lent with interest by a private bank calling itself “Federal” (like “Federal” Express). Is “Federal” a fake or real name?

News and entertainment are synonymous, and entertainment is predominantly fictional by its nature. The term “fake news” is analogous to “fake magician,” “fake commercial,” “fake advertising,” or “fake acting.” Fictional-based media industries are accepted as fake, so labeling them “fake” is a sort of double-negative. It makes no sense.

The term “fake news” is an assault on clear language, and is meant to fuel divisiveness. The masses are easily goaded into taking one side or the other. “You are either a real news consumer, or a fake news consumer!” So goes the aspersion.

The herd-minded types find comfort in the crowd they stand among while shouting liar, satan, hitler, and moron toward the other side, shaking their fist to add emphasis. It makes for great spectacle. The real smart ones sell tickets to attend the shouting match and to the same group members shouting at each other. Quite the racket, and lucrative too.

As long as the rabble only yell and scream from both sides of the imaginary divide, it is great, lucrative sport. A little blood-letting is necessary from time to time to stoke the illusion of polarity. When the fevered pitch crescendos, a sacrifice is offered so the most agitated on either side of the aisle can blow off a little steam. An example must be made of the most extreme rabble rouser, lest anyone get any revolutionary ideas, then its back to the shouting match and greater ticket sales.

Let the games begin, again, and again.

News/entertainment (aka “media”) consumers, inculcated with team-spirit mentality, secondary to team sports gluttony, feel compelled to align themselves with a team. When one aligns with a team, the opinions, dogma, and preconceptions follow along. The next step is determining the opposing team and painting the opposition with a “bad-guy” label. Go team! It’s we versus them.

Media consumers pick a side, often one that cheers for their chosen team. Media channels and content are packaged for one team or the other and marketed in this way; it’s called “psychographics.”

Team loyalty is often nothing more than fealty to a logo. The team-sports culture pays little attention to doctrine, symbols reign supreme. Loyalty to banners, colors, graphic designs, chants, and oaths trump any analysis and applied logic.

The numbers of people who choose not to partake in this dichotomous ruse, buy tickets to the venue, or lend the charade legitimacy seem to be growing.

More to come…

Now, conquer the day! And go cancel the cable tier package subscription. Please don’t feed the mega-corporate media monsters, thank you.

Yours Truly,

The Jurassic Media Professor

“Copyright © 4JUL17 by Steven A. Schwab”