This is a personal media site.

I support pedestrian media, and here is my personal contribution.

My experience is vast and deep in some areas. I strongly urge everyone to analyze, test, and question the media they consume. Seeing is never believing.

Three decades of college teaching experience provided me with a great opportunity to reach many minds and hopefully infuse many with a questioning spirit, or at least encourage such inherent behavior. On this blog I can broaden my “classroom” to an unlimited number of seats, and there is no mandatory attendance, testing, or grading.

So please pop in now and again for a few minutes. I do my best to entertain and inform.

Thanks to the Internet, we all greatly benefit by gaining access to content produced by individuals from all across the globe. No longer do information gatekeepers hold the full reigns of power when it comes to the delivery of information (aka – “news and entertainment”). I am certainly grateful for the internet as a great learning and teaching venue and continue to marvel at it.

I now step to the plate to share some of my insights. Perhaps my contributions will capture a reader’s interest now and again.

This media site serves altruistic and selfish goals. It is the same motivation behind anything one crafts with their hands and mind.

In the classroom it is my practice to encourage people to boldly present their opinion, rationally, respectfully, with great passion, and humor too. Good debate equals good learning.

If you don’t like my commentary, post a counter comment, start your own site, or just move along, but I do humbly thank you for reading my commentary in any case.

Please accept my sincere “thank you” for spending time here. Time spent with me is always a gracious gift whether it is in person or from a distance.

The 20th century top down structure of mass media is under replacement by a lateral model; this is a massive shift. Information no longer moves exclusively from the top down (the few to the many).

Information now moves from one point to many, up, down, sideways, and person-to-person-to-person-etc. The web allows great lateral movement of information. It is an empowering tool for individual insight, opinion, and primary research. For minimal cost, an individual can launch their own media site and share content with a global audience. Reflect on this for just a moment.

Information is not conjured into existence by a few at the top of the “news” pyramid and then distributed for mass consumption. Do not be fooled by the premise that top down is superior! Expert opinion and insight abound, and are no longer the exclusive domain of centralized distribution companies.

There are many people with great experience, insight, knowledge, imagination, with much to share, and say.  The startup cost to launch a personal media site is minimal. And a global audience awaits. Of course there is no guarantee that the world will beat a path to your door, but the opportunity is available.

The potential audience is truly global, and even language barriers are melting away with instant translation.

A tremendous epoch in human history is upon us.

Many of us grew up hearing about the “marketplace of ideas,” and I believe it is finally upon us. Hooray!  Information is no longer exclusively controlled by a few gatekeepers. The distribution channel is wide open. Each of us can boldly develop our own human intelligence network.

Great ideas and insight abound. Some of the best intelligence today is often found in the commentary beneath posted stories. Sure a good bit of garbage must be sorted through, but this is just the price of freedom. Professional trolls proliferate to create a buzz of distraction, but we must learn to recognize them and work through the misdirection.

Information competition is grist for a vibrant republic. Full public access to information is the healthiest diet for sustaining individual freedoms. Secrecy breeds distrust, and is a breeding ground for intellectual sepsis.

We must continue to demand full access to information! The more the merrier in the marketplace of ideas. We must manage our own human intelligence network and gather our own HUMINT (human intelligence), edit, analyze, summarize, and share it.

Here’s a toast to pedestrian media, unfettered information competition, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and open global access to enable finding the most accurate information sources available.

Power to the masses and not the masters. Cheers!

Now go, and conquer the day! Oh, and cancel your cable tier package subscription. Try not to feed the mega-corporate media monsters. Proceed.

Respectfully yours,

Steven A. Schwab
“Everyone is an Individual Intelligence Agency”

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