Dear Little Precious

Are you upset the world isn’t the way you want it? So, all your friends and family don’t bow to your world view? The elected officials in your neighborhood, at the state, or in D.C. don’t reflect your personal proclivity?

Reality is a cruel master.

In boot camp, the drill instructors often shout “This isn’t Burger King. You can’t have it your way!” Indeed.

Thanks to laziness in mind, action, and substandard accountability across the fruited plains, too many people carry with them unrealistic expectations. Those disconnected from reality often run into the buzz saw of resistance for the first time in their life when law enforcement officers cuff ‘em and ride ‘em to the station.

“You can beat the wrap, but you can’t beat the ride,” are words of wisdom often learned by foolish teens and twenty somethings after expression of their individual freedom gets checked by the collective freedom of their neighbors. We all meet resistance now and again, and it’s not always a pleasant experience. But turning lessons of reality into educational opportunity is the resilient coping skill lacking among so many.

Perhaps there existed a time when fewer teenagers were raising their own children, and more children were raised in dual-parent households. Perhaps one parent even had a little more time to give feedback and role model civic-mindedness to their offspring. Too many of us are scrambling to make enough to pay inflated living expenses and rising taxes as the next digital dollar printed into existence erodes our purchasing power faster than a pay raise.

Educational institutions are ill-equipped to be the all-encompassing, child-raising substitute for a kid’s natural human desire and need for balanced parental role modeling and wisdom sharing.

Be a role model. Someone younger and less experienced is always watching. And parents, be a damned good one.

Dutifully yours,

The Drill Sergeant
Now drop and give me twenty!

“Copyright © 3MAR17 by Steven A. Schwab”